Getting any task done, no matter how seemingly doable, can feel impossible to a procrastinator. I would know, because I am one, but I desperately want to change that.

My on-going thesis project, Kindoo, is an attempt at seeing and solving procrastination in a new light. Through my research, I’ve learned that people put off tasks not because they need more willpower, but because they lack self-esteem. By changing the way we frame our thoughts around our tasks, and validating our fears surrounding productivity, I’m convinced that people will gain the confidence to tackle their to-do lists successfully.

Kindoo will have two main features:

  • an interactive text-editor that helps users catch and reframe negative thought patterns about their productivity abilities
  • step-by-step guidance to break down large projects into manageable subtasks

From my experience, intimidating tasks feel either too big emotionally, too daunting logistically, or both. When I feel more positive about myself, I have the strength to itemize lofty and vague to-dos. The simpler and more doable my tasks feel, the more assured I am to accomplish them. Approaching procrastination from these angles has been successful for me, and I want to instill this two prong approach into my web application.

I will be doing both the front-end and back-end development for the site. A working prototype should be expected in May 2021.